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Accommodation and Transportation


The spaces that were available in the Radhadesh facilities have all been reserved in the record time of 3.5 minutes!!! Devotees desiring to come, especially as families or groups should look towards hotel solutions in the area to facilitate them overnight. The best option is Sunclass which is only 2 mins away by car and which is also the most practical option. We will do our best to provide some form of shuttle transportation during the festival between the bungalows and Radhadesh, however we still encourage everyone to find their own transportation. Please do not write to us for accommodation arrangements as there is nothing that we can do other than give you the options here under.

Sunclass bungalow (2km): write directly to them at this email address with the communication " Radhadesh Mellows " which will entitle you to an automatic pre-discussed 10% Mellows discount on the usual price: contact@

For other solutions (provided you take care of your own transportation):
Auberge de la Petite Somme (300 meters): 0032 86 32 21 34
Nid d' Hirondelle (3km) – 0032 86 21 42 44
Durbuy Adventure (5km): 0032 86 21 20 07


Since the numbers of participants are growing and that we are having more and more difficulty to arrange transportation every year, we ask as much as possible for devotees to travel together by their own vehicles. Those coming from very far and flying into Charleroi & Brussels are requested to travel further by train into the nearest station to Radhadesh: Marloie (or Barvaux if you are coming from Liege).
You will alleviate our work by allowing us to pick you up from either of these train stations; facilitating transportation to the festival site for each & every of the many hundreds of eager devotees travelling through public transportation. Click here for the Belgian Railway

We urge devotees who are arriving together or at similar timings at the airport, and who would prefer to take a taxi instead of the train, to look into prearranged taxi options. Click here for Brussels taxis and Click here for Charleroi taxis. Prices are very reasonable if you are 5 or more.

Here following you can find all the information necessary to ensure you will have someone pick you up or drop you off from the different locations around Radhadesh. It is a very difficult service to take care of as it requires a lot of people and lot of vehicles, so we hope you can understand that we are trying our best to facilitate everyone as best as possible. So in return, please make sure when your driver will have brought you safe and sound to your desired destination to pay him the amount due. I am only asking this as every year the event has a few hundred euros to cover for devotees who don't pay.

Please read the following instructions and then fill out your reservation point by point in the order given, making it easier for you and for us:

1: Select the Arrival or Departure page.

2. Choose the right page according to the date you arrive or want to depart by clicking on the correct day/page at the bottom of your browser.

3. Then choose the station or airport you want to be picked up from and then fill up the entire line with all the information that is asked from you. PLEASE FILL UP THE ENTIRE WHITE LINE WITH THE REQUIRED INFORMATION, INCLUDING PHONE NUMBER WITH THE COUNTRY CODE, IF YOU WANT TO BE SURE OF AVOIDING ANY MISUNDERSTANDING SUCH AS BEING FORGOTTEN. The pink zone is for the drivers to fill up, NOT FOR YOU. So please respect that by leaving it empty.

4. Once you have filled in the required information you are done: it will automatically save up. One can always alter their information within time, but please do so to the latest one week ahead of the festival to ensure our service. Also PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE ANY BOOKING MADE BY SOMEONE ELSE, this would be most unfortunate.

5. The rides, co-riding or not, will be arrange by our group of devotees over here in Radhadesh taking care of the transporting service. We ask devotees to call at least 2 hours before their arrival, to confirm they are going to be there on time, their drivers’ number (which will be communicated a few days ahead of your travels). We might not send any transportation if we do not receive any call, so be sure to note down the number when it is given as well as give us a number we can always call in any case of emergency.

Price (total to be shared between passengers and depending on the size of car):

  • Barvaux Station : 6€
  • Marloie Station :15€
  • Charleroi/Brussel-South Airport: 60–70€
  • Brussels Zaventem Airport: 70€-80€

The transportation " booth " will be in the entrance of the castle throughout the festival, so devotees will be able to confirm their departure time and get information there.

If you have thoroughly read twice all the text above and you still have a question or a more specific inquiry, please email Gopinatha dasa the coordinator of transportation for 2015: gopimagnin@

Hare Krsna!