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Registrations for free prasadam for the Radhadesh Mellows 2015

Registrations are now closed for RM15

Upon arriving in Radhadesh for the festival, devotees having filled the form are required to go to the appointed area to collect their free prasadam bracelet. Again, prasadam will only be served to those with a free prasadam bracelet; others WILL be asked to contribute financially by giving a donation.

Appointed areas: Friday Day in the Temple Hall entrance and All Other Days In front of the Prasadam line.

Finally, all devotees who desire to help us out with the big expense that is free prasadam (approx. 5500€, of which 4500€ has already been sponsored) are welcome to do so by either donating through the PayPal or by contacting Manu through the contact form on the website.

Hoping to see you all with hungry stomachs in January,

your servant,


IMPORTANT: Meals before/after the mention ones are not part of the festival and the Temple reserves the right to charge for them.